Therapeutic Case Management


Our Therapeutic Case Management involves strategic and individualized planning to aid in a successful therapeutic process. Case management can range from 30 days to 1 year, and includes, but is not limited to, treatment placement, aftercare coordination and planning, daily/weekly check-ins, 12-Step meeting coordination and recommendations, therapeutic referrals to local clinical professionals, and drug testing (when necessary). We work to ensure success at every stage by actively visiting and meeting programs, individual practitioners, and aftercare solutions.

Our services are available worldwide for family case management. Our staff has met with treating professionals across all fifty states as well as internationally. All of our case management services are extremely personalized and completely confidential. We pride ourselves in creating accountability throughout the family system, and making sure each family member knows their role in the recovery and therapeutic process.




FBHC builds and develops a safe environment that allows our families to break the cycle of addiction and begin the journey of family recovery.

We are dedicated in providing support, as well as the development of specific plans for family, friends, and co-workers that have a loved one suffering from addiction. We aim to move from crisis into solution.

Addiction problems may include alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling, sexual disorders, and food disorders. We operate from a Family Systems standpoint, which keeps family involvement high whether or not the identified patient goes to treatment. We work extensively with the family to ensure every member receives the support they need around addiction and codependency. A majority of work with families involves recommendations for ongoing family therapeutic work, either with individual therapy, group therapy, or an intensive workshop. More information about these resources can be found on our Programs & Schools page.

When guided by a professional interventionist, almost all intervention teams that may include parents, friends, and co-workers are effective and result in the addicted person entering a therapeutic treatment program.  A well-executed intervention process aims to move the addicted youth or adult from the cycle of crisis and provide motivation to immediately begin taking steps toward recovery, which may include entering a detox center and receiving medical care, residential treatment, therapy, and behavioral counseling. Though some of the behavior the family has been seeing is devastating, most of these behaviors and associated problems are lessened or vanish after someone has begun working in a recovery program.

Being stuck in a cycle of fear and regret is not a happy or healthy way to live. As much as a family would like or want these problems to go away on their own, they simply won’t without help and action.

And that’s why we’re here.

We are available to travel anywhere in the world to work with a family and are able to react quickly, as we recognize that families are in crisis when they call us. We generally are available to work with families on the ground within 24 hours of the first call.



Therapeutic Placement

Therapeutic Placement is an important and vital step in the family recovery process. FBHC has created strong relationships with credible therapeutic providers internationally. Our staff has personally visited over 350 residential programs, outdoor therapeutic programs, behavioral health facilities, extended care facilities, and sober living homes. Putting our feet on the ground at these programs allows us to meet the staff, view the grounds, and tailor the treatment placement to meet the needs of your loved one.

We move through a comprehensive assessment process rapidly to ensure that a crisis is managed quickly and successfully. We feel that this is an extremely important part of the process, and have dedicated our resources to exploring and visiting all of these programs. We are often able to coordinate an admission into a therapeutic program within hours of a call to us, and suggest an appropriate therapist for the family member. We truly treat every family we place as an individual.


Therapeutic Transportation

FBHC can provide safe and reliable transportation to guide your loved one into a treatment facility. Our staff will pick a client up at home and guide them through the travel process to ensure a safe and stable arrival at the selected treatment center. We are also available to transport a client from treatment to extended care or sober living, thereby providing support for a client as they transition to a different level of care. Our goal is to provide a safe, stable and encouraging experience as the clients we work with move forward in changing their lives.

For more information on programs, visit our Programs & Schools section.

Private Client Services

When you need more than individual therapy and don’t know where to turn for a more intense therapeutic experience, we’ll build that experience for you.

Our team of professionals and associates are culled from parts far and wide and will build therapeutic programming specifically for you. We work specifically on relationship challenges, relapse strategy, long term management and support, and post-treatment planning.

We specialize in working with clients and families in need of the utmost discretion.

The therapeutic process is built to keep in mind family commitments, work commitments, and, especially, the needs of the creative professional.

From intensive workshops to therapeutic placement to specialized mentoring services, we can use all of the resources at our disposal to create a therapeutic plan for you. 


Artist Consultation & Support

Our Artist Consultation and Support involves strategic and individualized planning to aid in a successful therapeutic process. As a team, we build a strong plan for artists both locally and on the road, with everything from in-person therapeutic sessions, therapeutic placement, on-the-road ongoing support, and remote coaching services. We also offer comprehensive ongoing support, often working in tandem with the artist’s management team.


Therapeutic Mentoring & Coaching

Our Therapeutic Mentoring and Coaching services are built for families looking to change and modify unhealthy behaviors in the home environment, often when a young person is returning from their therapeutic program to the home environment or transitional care. Our team will work with the individual to create a therapeutic plan, provide on-the-ground support, and work with the family to ensure all therapeutic goals are being met. Most of our coaching revolves around young adults and adolescents returning from residential treatment or outdoor therapeutic programs. The goal is motivating individuals to continue the work they’ve done in their therapeutic program to create healthy scenarios and repair relationships.

We work with a variety of therapeutic workshops and resources around the country, and build strong supports for all of our families - we assess and individualize our recommendations for every family and individual as needed. Resources are available nationwide, and our direct providers are located in Los Angeles, New York City, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Santa Barbara, and Nashville.

Our services are confidential and comprehensive and allow for families and individuals to establish more structure, better accountability tools, and new processes to work through crisis.

Therapeutic Monitoring Program©

At FBHC, we recognize the need for ongoing therapeutic management for clients that are returning from treatment or a therapeutic program. Some clients may need less intensive support than our traditional Case Management services, so we’ve built our Therapeutic Monitoring Program to support families in need. Our team provides truly individualized therapeutic tools to support the families we work with, designing the aftercare program for the identified client as well as the family.

Our Therapeutic Monitoring Program involves strategic and individualized planning to aid in a successful and thorough therapeutic process. Therapeutic Monitoring can range from 60 days to 1 year, and includes, but is not limited to, aftercare coordination and planning, daily/weekly check-ins with all members of the treatment team, 12-Step meeting coordination and recommendations, therapeutic referrals to local clinical professionals, and drug testing (when necessary). We work to ensure success at every stage by actively visiting and meeting individual practitioners and aftercare solutions across the globe.

Therapeutic Monitoring can be implemented with 24 hours notice anywhere in the world. Contact us for more details.