Progression of Addiction

Addictions of all types seem to be progressive in nature. Although at times the substance abuser might seem to be gaining some control over his/her problem, the problem only gets worse over time. Almost never better. Sometimes under pressure from family, work, or legal problems the addicted person can be frightened into short periods of control. These periods are usually brief, and can sometimes be followed by a worse reaction.


Behaviors and Substance Abuse

Addiction is not a moral issue. Though some of the behaviors exhibited through addiction are devastating, it needs to be understood that in most cases it is the disease of addiction that causes people to act out in destructive behaviors. Some examples of acting out behaviors are: lying, verbal or physical abuse, stealing, emotional distance, low self esteem, little or no self motivation, and mood swings.

Most of these behaviors are lessened or vanish after someone has received help and is working in a recovery program.


12- Step Recovery Information

A large majority of the programs we work with strongly embrace the 12-step philosophy of recovery. For more information, please visit the websites below.



Many people living with active addiction suffer from codependency. Codependency, although a broad term, is basically the use of maladaptive and dysfunctional behaviors to cope with the pain of living in toxic and/or painful relationship(s).

Some symptoms of codependency include, but are not limited to: lack of trust, controlling behaviors, perfectionism, avoidance of emotions/feelings, and enabling/care taking of the addict. Fortunately, those suffering from codependency can receive help and begin in the steps of recovery. For more information, please visit the resources below.


Our team also works with a number of residential workshops available to family members in need. You can view a few of them here, and contact us directly for additional resources.

Onsite Workshops
The Bridge to Recovery
Caron Breakthrough
The Meadows Survivors Workshop