Our team of committed professionals has a passion for improving and changing the lives of the individuals and families struggling with addiction and other behavioral health disorders.

We have dedicated our lives to this cause, to ensure that your family will get what they need.

Mike Ferguson, Founder

Mike Ferguson, Founder


We have worked with thousands of families from all over the globe to build and tailor solutions. Our staff has visited over 500 treatment and therapeutic programs around the country and have built strong relationships with the highest quality providers.

Our thousands of connections throughout the addiction and therapeutic worlds are at the disposal of every family we work with and allow us the ability to tailor our services to every family that contacts us. Each family will receive a completely customized plan built exclusively for the concerns of the client. Our team operates from a Family Systems model, which ensures each member of the family gets the appropriate attention and resources to deal with the crisis at hand. We utilize a large variety of professionals and a collaborative team to review each case, ensuring a comprehensive and thorough assessment and placement. Our team at FBHC is completely independent, and receives no payment or compensation from therapeutic providers. We work solely for the benefit of our families and clients. 


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